Evidence-Based, People-Driven, and Technology-Focused, SMARTAID is a major partner in the deployment and implementation of the HCVI Digital Health platform in Ukraine.

The entire ecosystem for HCVI is structured around Google Drive and Google Workspace Apps. Google technology is used and leveraged in almost every project sponsored and managed by HCVI. It enables us to achieve levels of excellence, cost-effectiveness, and productivity in our clinical, educational, and capacity-building projects that would otherwise be unimaginable.

Vuzix Smart Glasses are a cornerstone of our digital health platform, enabling live streaming consultation from remote specialists during surgery and patient evaluations.

A strong partner in our telemedicine platform, Eko was awarded Time Magazine's Medical Device of the Year. We are conducting comprehensive exams on patients from across the world at no cost because of amazing technology like this. Eko enables auscultation of the heart and lungs with an audiovisual recording that can be streamed live to a remote examiner or embedded in the patient's chart as an audiovisual file.

The Dino-Lite microscope is now an indispensable tool in our telemedicine toolbox. Handheld and with up to 200X magnification, it enables detailed remote examination of skin lesions, as well as of the ears, nose, and throat. The exam can be streamed live or embedded as an image file (photo or video).

Provides subsidized and donated pulse oximetry and noninvasive hemoglobin equipment that is critical for many clinical projects, including pre-operative screening for anemia and Blood Donor International operations. This Point of Care testing enables a much more comprehensive remote exam to take place. The ability to screen for anemia, a common concern in the developing world, noninvasively (without drawing blood) and in minutes is a highly regarded resource.

Provides surgical loupes and HD camera systems that have been instrumental in education and training as well telemedicine and remote learning.

Provides the internationally respected Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Care. Print format guides, as well as Institutional Website Edition access, are disseminated to health care providers and are considered essential resources of the HCVI Infection Prevention and Control ( clinical training program and educational Google Site.

The Sanford Guide encompasses a full suite of infectious disease content, including interactive tables, dosing calculators, and the latest recommendations for the treatment of infectious diseases. Content is updated continually by a team of leading infectious disease physicians and pharmacists and is accessible to clinicians and students globally through a variety of platforms.